Quote Collection

'Mornings are for coffee and contemplation' - Stranger Things 
'No mourners, no funerals' - Six of Crows Series

To the stars that listen - and the dreams that are answered' - A Court of Thorns and Roses Series. 

'Not all those who wander are lost' - Lord of the Rings 

May All Your Bacon Burn!

No Face and Flowers

Cameo Collection

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
Geralt of Rivia - Witcher

Nathan Drake - Uncharted
Princess Mononoke

Pan's Labyrinth

Jiji and Kiki - Kiki's Delivery Service

Chihiro and Haku - Spirited Away

Howl and Sophie - Howl's Moving Castle

Handle With Care

Just a little conceptual piece to remind you all to take care of your mental health. We all think so much about taking care of our bodies, that sometimes we forget about our minds and it's so important that you don't. So even if it means having yourself a duvet day, take a day to look after yourself. 

The Resistance Needs You

Inktober Day Thirteen: Death

Inktober Day Twelve: Palmistry

Inktober Day Eleven: Candlelight

Inktober Day Ten: Witches Brew

Inktober Day Nine: Smudge Stick

Inktober Day Eight: Pretty Planchette

Inktober Day Seven: Witches Cubby

Inktober Day Six: Your Future

Inktober Day Five: Crystal Healing

Inktober Day Four: Hangman's Gift

Inktober Day Three: Starry Night

Inktober Day Two: Ghostie Selfie

Inktober Day One: Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

Inktober 2017. 13 Days of Halloween Prompt List!

13 Days of Halloween! 
So this year I really wanted to take part in Inktober, however due to personal circumstances I felt like I would be putting to much pressure and stress on myself trying to complete the 31 days. So here is my contribution to Inktober this year. I hope you will all enjoy it!