Boxes are all packed, furniture dismantled and I'm ready for the move. The countdown had begun, only two more days to go. We pick up the shiny keys to our new home tomorrow evening and then the stress commences early Wednesday morning. It's much more real now, and the excitement has finally hit me. Although I'm sure it will soon dissipate when it comes to the unboxing. 
Although I'm moving out on Wednesday, I had my last night with my mum yesterday as she has to go away for work until Wednesday evening. We had such a lovely night together, we cwtched up on the sofa, devouring sweets watching 'Schindler's List', a film we have been meaning to watch together for ages. It was the perfect way to spend our last night living together. After the film, we had a lengthly discussion which started off about the war and then branched off into so many other directions. A typical thing for my mother and I. As I went to bed last night, I called downstair to wish Mum goodnight and to tell her that I love her. Something I always do, and always have done. The realisation hit me that was the last time I would do that. That little ball in my throat made it hard to swallow, but then I though although  I may not be able to do it in person from now on, there will always be a little text buzzing through her phone before I go to sleep each night. Everyday I will tell my Mum I love her. 
This afternoon, when Mum left for work we both held it together quite well when it came to saying goodbye, but as soon as that door shut and Mum drove away, the little ball in my throat resurfaced and I could do nothing but have a little cry to myself. That was the last time Mum and I would be living together, it hit me like a hurricane. It took me quite a while to bring myself together, and I am sure the same thing will happen when I see Mum on Wednesday evening. It's going to take a while to adjust to this new life, but the bond between my mother and I will not change no matter how much distance is between us. 

Now, onto something completely different and far more uplifting. Today, I completed the game Bioshock Infinite. As all my packing was done I decided to relax and reward myself by indulging in some video games. I can honestly say that Bioshock Infinite is one of the best games I have ever played. They got it right. The gameplay was smooth and flowed effortlessly, I was completely absorbed into the story line and forgot that I was playing a video game. Aesthetically, the game is beautiful and the voice acting is perfect. Each character has it's own story which unravels the further you progress, the characters become real and you experience their emotions with them. There was no dull moment through out the game, with explosive battles, intriguing new characters, complex story and a very lovely little easter egg thrown in I honestly could not put the controller down. The ending to the game was the most well constructed and complex I have seen in my many years of playing video games, and it made me feel... fulfilled. It answered the many questions that consumed me as the story unfolded, and moved me in a way that I didn't think possible for a game. This is the game I would hand to other video game developers and say 'This is how you do it'. 

'Will the circle be unbroken, by and by, by and by. 
Is a better home awaiting in the sky, in the sky.'

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