Okay, so I know there's been a lack of posts recently, not only on here by on all my other sites. But as you probably know, I've been in the process of moving into my new home! It's taken a little while to get sorted, but we're settled now and we absolutely love it here. I've actually really missed producing my artwork and talking to all you guys, but there just hasn't been enough time in the day. Sorry! -_-' 
This is just a quick little post just to let you know that I hadn't completely disappeared off the face of the Internet, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. 
Apart from paying bills, doing housework and all that boring adult stuff, I'm currently working on getting my online stores up and running! I'm going to concentrating more on this for the next couple of weeks, so there may not be as many new art pieces being produced, but once it's all sorted and running smoothly everything will go back to normal, only you'll actually be able to purchase my prints! Hoorah! I'll update you a little more on how the move went and let you know as soon as my stores go live. 

Missed you all! 

Jade xo

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