Rhydian in an empty box, hard to believe he's 21...
I promised a little post on how the big move went, so here it is. 
It actually went really well, without any issues. Which is always a miracle when I'm involved. After a week or so with all my possessions boxed up and taking over the conservatory, they finally go put in a van to journey to my new home. They all fit into the van too, which was a massive surprise. It's surprising to see just how much stuff you have, it seems a lot more when it's all in boxes. Getting things unpacked didn't take as long as I thought either. Everything was pretty much sorted within the first five days of the move. So everything went well all in all. 
So, this brings us to the now. Here I am sitting in my own kitchen writing this post, it's quite bizarre to think that I've moved out on my own. In my own little home. We've made it home quite quickly, all our pictures and many collectables are up and on display, the only thing that's left to do is set up the wardrobes which are arriving next Wednesday, then the house is complete. If I do say so myself, we've done a good job in a short space of time. I must admit though, I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for my mum's help. She's helped both Rhydian and myself out so much during the move, and we are eternally grateful. 
Enjoying a rare sunny day with a good old BBQ
It was quite a heart wrenching experience moving out from my Mum's house, but if I'm completely honest, I've spent more quality time with her now that I've moved out than I ever did back home. We appreciate the time we have together so much more now, and I now understand all that nagging that my mum used to do when I lived with her. Running a house is hard work! I have no idea how she managed to keep such a spotless house when I was running around like a tornado messing it all up again. So here we go, Mum. The moment you have been waiting for. I take my hat off to you. You now have permission to say I told you so. 
Apart from moving out, which has taken up the majority of my life over the last few weeks, I've enjoying the sunshine which is a rarity here in Wales. The weather has been amazing over the last few weeks, so as a little party we set up a BBQ with our friends on the weekend and devoured god knows how many burgers and pork chops. Omnom. However, seeing as the warm weather has now hit and the big wooly sweaters have now come off I think I should stop indulging in so much food, start eating healthier and start exercising more... We'll see how long that lasts. 

Jade xo

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