'The Stuff of Nightmares' Pictorial

Seeing as SCARdiff is coming up soon, I wanted to work on another horror themed piece. One of my favourite horror films is 'The Nightmare on Elm Street' so I decided to base my more recent piece on this. Here is a pictorial photoset to show you all the different stages my artwork goes through before the final result. 

Firstly, I sketch out a very faint outline using graphic pencil. I sketch it lightly so that the lines don't show through when the colour is added. I used reference photos of Freddy Krueger's glove to try and ensure it was as accurate as possible. 

Once I was happy with the outline, I started to add the colour to the cloth part of the glove. I used four different coloured pencils for these sections. I then continued to create the glove section by section, layering colours and shading to try and ensure the glove had the appropriate textures and looked as three dimensional as possible. 

The most challenging part of this piece was shading the finger tips of the glove and the blades. I wanted to give the impression of metal, therefore, had to shade the tips so it looked as if light was gleaming off them. The blades are soldered onto the fingertips, I had to ensure that my drawing portrayed this, without it appearing messy. For the blades, I used both graphic pencils and coloured pencils. 
 Once the drawing was complete, I scanned it in as well as a page from the book 'Talking with Serial Killers' by Christopher Berry-Dee as I felt this would be an appropriate background from the piece. I then edited the drawing, so the white background was transparent. Then, using a programme called GIMP I combined the two images for the final result! 

And here it is, 'The Stuff of Nightmares,' Freddy Krueger's weapon of choice.
Hope you like it!

Jade xo

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