Bookmark Production Day

Today, has been spent making the bookmarks ready for SCARdiff. Which is a monotonous task, especially when making around 70 of them. Punching holes, cutting ribbons, threading ribbons. I had a good little production line going in the end. All whilst watching Game of Thrones to entertain myself; Another birthday present that I can indulge in whilst working.
I pride myself in the fact that all of my products are handmade by myself, although, I will admit that it is hard work. Not only do I create the art, I make the products, do the marketing and admin side of things. Everything. The hard work is extremely rewarding though. 
So, I have a good stock of bookmarks ready for not only SCARdiff, but also my Etsy store. I have been looking for a nice way to display them on the table, but couldn't find anything that would be suitable. So, I decided to make something myself. If all else fails, create! 

To create the display box, I took the lid of the box of an iPhone. I pasted watercolour paper, that I had painted various shades of green, onto the sides and then tidied up the edges using black peel offs. It was fairly simple and quite effective, if I do say so myself. 
Below are all the designs available on the bookmarks. 

Today, I am feeling a little better than yesterday, hence my productivity. I think a day recovering in bed and indulging in John Green's books did me well. I should be back to normal in no time, fingers crossed. 

Jade xo

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