Drawing Withdrawl Symptoms and SCARdiff Preperations

First and foremost, I want to apologise for disappearing off the face of the internet for what feels to be like an eternity, when in reality it's been a week or so. Things have just been so hectic! I've been getting all the bits and bobs ready for SCARdiff, running around trying to source things I need, doing stock takes, making things... I've been a very busy little artist. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to get my head down in my sketchbook and produce some new work, but I promise next week things will return back to normal. 

SCARdiff is only five days away now, and I'm super excited and, I'll admit, a little nervous. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing day. I'll be vlogging the event, so if your there be sure to come over and say hello! If you can't make it, then at least you'll be able to see some of the days antics on my channel. It'll be a long day for my little helpers and I. I'll be up super early to travel up to Cardiff and be at the venue around 7.30am to set up. McDonalds breakfast on Sunday, I think! Mmmm. That's worth waking up early for. 

Tomorrow, is going to be spent making a ridiculous amount of keyrings ready for SCARdiff. If there is any stock left over they'll be up on my Etsy store for you to grab whilst you can So, soon you'll be able to decorate your keys with one of your favourite characters! Exciting stuff! There are also a few little things needed to be finished off before Sunday, so I am going to be running around for the rest of the week. My poor little legs, although it does makes a change from sitting at my desk drawing all day long! I have been having drawing withdrawal symptoms over the past two weeks, but I have enjoyed getting everything ready for the expo. Hopefully, this will be the start of many to come. 

So, there's a little update of what I've been up to! I'm also planning a few different YouTube videos to film and upload to my channel. It's difficult to have really in depth, planned videos up every week because I'm so busy with everything else. So, I'm thinking of vlogging a little more, as their easier to film and edit and you guys still get to see some videos without having to wait weeks! Let me know what you guys think, I'd really appreciate your input. ^-^

Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me guys, I won't disappear on you for so long again. ;)

Jade xo


  1. It's unlikely that I'll be able to make it, as much as I would like to, but I will enjoy watching any video you make of it. No need to apologise either, I know what this means to you. It is going to be great and you are too. I will link your store front in a post of mine soon. If nothing else, just a little exposure will be good for your skills. All the best. Nervous is good, but you are very talented and your are clearly intelligent, you have nothing to worry about.

  2. *you are clearly intelligent.

    Why is it that my irony always has a sense of humour...