The Creative Bug is Back!

Since SCARdiff has finished, I've been lacking that creativity bug and every time I tried to sit down
and draw, nothing came out right. I was getting extremely frustrated with myself, so I took some time away from drawing. But now I'm back! Hallelujah! Like I've said in a previous post, when inspiration and creativity seems to be lacking, don't force it because you'll become more and more frustrated with yourself and be disappointed in whatever you produce. So, I just want to apologise for not producing new work for a little while. I'd rather take some time off, recharge my creative juices and draw something great for you guys, than produce a few pieces that don't live up to my usual standard. 
I feel like myself again now that I've got my pencil in my hand, it's great to be back. Today, I've been working on a portrait, that I feel will hit some nostalgic spots in a few of you. We'll soon see.

Thanks for being patient with me! 

Jade xo

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