Portrait of Siren Maya from the video game Borderlands 2. Piece is to be part of The Siren Series. 
Created using coloured pencil and acrylic paint. 


  1. Hi Jade, not sure if you'll remember me, but I'm Jodie, we were both in St Mikes.
    I have a blog too, and someone nominated me for this blog award, it's just a friendly blog to blog thing to get to know the blogger and introduce and find new blogs. It seems kind of different from your usual posts, but I had to include you in my nominations, because both your art and blog are amazing (not to sound too stalkerish :P), and I just thought more people should check your work out! You're so brave to follow your dreams and achieve them the 'unconventional' way, I wish I had that courage! Keep it up, you have real talent! If you decide to make a post on the blogger award, here's link to find out more (:


    Sorry for this random, out of the blue message haha

    1. Hi Jodie, course I remember you! ^-^
      Oh wow, thank you! That is so so sweet of you! I've seen some of your artwork on Facebook and yours is amazing too! I will have to check out your blog and I'll definitely find out more on the blogger award. Thank you for including me in your nominations! ^-^

      Thanks for the lovely message!
      Jade xo