Back to the Drawing Board

As you probably already know, I'm back from my little trip from Legoland and as promised I put a little vlog together for you guys which you can find below. It was a lovely trip, and it was actually nice to be away from the drawing board for a while! But, it's also nice to be back with my pencil back in my hand too. 

So, on the topic of work… My Etsy store is now fully stocked with my latest artwork! So you can get 'Maya', 'WALL-E & CL4P-TP' and 'Violet & Tate' in a variety of different sizes! I am also working on some new YouTube videos for you guys, and I'm going to get on a more regular schedule with my videos so I plan to post at least one video a week from now on. So, over the next few of weeks you can expect more videos as well as my regular artwork!

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