Realities of Living in the Creative World

There are a few cruel realities of living in the creative world. Now, please do not think that I am complaining about being an artist, I am not in the slightest, I love my job. However, I wanted to just let other aspiring creatives prepare themselves for what is in store, and maybe educate some others that are under the impression that being an artist is ‘the easiest job in the world’.
I consider myself as extremely lucky that I get to earn my living by doing something I love. But, sadly I do not actually get to sit down and draw all the time. The majority of my time is spent updating my sites and online stores, answering e-mails and doing general admin. These are vital parts of the job, they take some time to do and, if I’m honest, they are extremely monotonous. But, you have to do these things to get your work out there!
When I’m not working on the admin side, or I’m not hunched over my sketchbook, I am hunting for inspiration. Sometimes, an idea will ping in your head at the most bizarre time and you just know that that will be your next piece. Before falling asleep is the most common time for me, I’ll just be drifting off into dreamland and then BAM ideas start flowing, and I’m up for the next two hours elaborating, refining and perfecting that idea. Inspiration never comes at convenient times, but it sure beats when inspiration refuses to come. Sometimes I will sit staring at a blank page for hours, and every idea I have just doesn’t seem to work, no matter how hard I try. This is one of the most frustrating parts of the job, and the more frustrated you get the harder it will be to actually produce a decent piece of artwork. You can get stuck in a horrible rut like this, and really the only thing you can do is walk away and try again another day.
Some artists are lucky enough to be able to rent a studio space, and work among other artists. Other artists, like myself, work from home. Now, a common misconception is that working from home is brilliant! You can work when you like, how you like, wearing what you like. Yeah, working from home has its perks, I won’t lie, but it is also extremely difficult. There are so many distractions in your home, and to many opportunities to procrastinate. Then on the days when you have a really productive day and have worked really hard, it’s very difficult to switch off afterwards because you live and work within the same four walls. Working from home can also be very lonely, you have no colleagues to chat to on a coffee break or to catch up with on a Monday morning. It’s just you. You’re interactions are with suppliers and customers via e-mail, which let’s face it is hardly socially inspiring. I am lucky that I have close family and friends that I can see when I am having an especially lonely day. It’s important to feed your social needs when you work on your own, even if you just take an hour out of your day every now and then and grab a coffee with a friend, I guarantee you will feel that much better afterwards and that will show in your work.
The creative world can be an extremely hard nut to crack. Sometimes you will feel like you are working all hours and pouring your heart and soul into everything you do and getting nothing out of it. It can sometimes feel easier to just give up, trust me I’ve been there. However, I assure you that if you believe in yourself, work hard and truly love what you are doing it’ll will show in your work and people will be drawn to this. Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t or won’t do it. Prove them wrong, and wear a smile while you do. If you truly believe you can do it, you will. And I know you can do it, I believe in you.

Although there are downsides to living in the creative world and working from home, I count myself as extremely lucky that I get to do something that I am passionate about and inspire others. When people buy my pieces or even message me saying they love my work or that I’ve inspired them in some way, this makes my job worthwhile, it makes me feel like I am doing something right. I live for those moments, and I am lucky that they come more often than not. It’s thanks to all you guys that I keep doing what I am doing, if it wasn’t for your constant love, support and kindness, I probably wouldn’t have the confidence and determination to keep going. There are negatives in every job, but when you work a job you love it is most likely that the positives will out weight everything else.

Jade xoxo

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