DIY Tile Coasters and Wall Decor | AD #upcyclerevolution

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So, for this project you will need:
4" X 4" Tiles
Modge Podge
Image of your choice
Picture Hook
White Paint

How to Made Tile Coastes:
Step One: Create and measure out desired image to fit tile
Step Two: Coat tile in modge podge and stick down image, ensuring all sides and corners are secure.
Step Three: Once dry coat image with modge podge. For a glossy effect apply multiple coats.
Step Four: This is optional, but I feel it gives the piece a more polished look. Coat the sides of the tile in white paint.
Step Five: Measure out the size of your tile on the felt, mark it and cut it out.
Step Six: Coat the back of the tile in modge podge and stick down the felt.
Step Seven: Once dry trim off any excess felt and ensure all sides are secure.
Step Eight: Repeat steps for other three coasters.
Step Nine: Finish by tying all four tiles together with twine.

How to Make Tile Wall Decor:
Step One: Repeat steps one to four.
Step Two: Instead of fixing felt to back, fix picture hook on the top center of the tile with strong glue.

This video is made in partnership with Gumtree.

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