I'm Jade, a tea-furled artist with a fixation on pop culture. Born in South Wales, even as a young child I grew up drawing the world around me. I have always loved the idea of creating something beautiful out of nothing. My work is heavily influenced by my passions in life such as films and comic books. Primarily, my work revolves around portraiture, however, I enjoy experimenting and challenging myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When did you first discover your love for art? 
A: Ever since I was a young child, I've always loved the idea of creating something out of nothing. My father has always been a great artists, so I used to sit and doodle for hours trying to be like my dad. In secondary school, I decided to experiment with different types of art and it was through that that I found my style and decided that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Q: What materials do you use to create your artwork and why? 
A: For my portraiture, I mainly use graphic pencils and coloured pencils sometimes with a bit of pastels and acrylic paint thrown in the mix. Nothing special, however, I feel like these materials give me the creative freedom that I need. I can use these to do various shading techniques and layer one on top of another for a certain effect. Sometimes the simple things can be the most effective. 

Q: What are your other hobbies, besides art?
A: There are so many! I love losing myself in a really good book, with a cup of tea by my side. I like letting my imagination run wild. I also love playing video games, my favourite has to be Tomb Raider, as I grew up playing them with my mum and it was the game that really sparked my interest in others. I am also an avid collector of many things; horror films, Disney films, Harry Potter memorabilia, comic books and the list goes on… Oh, and I also like to go outdoors and interact with the real world occasionally.

Q: Is it true that someone was impersonating you online? 
A: Yes, sadly this is true. A girl was impersonating me online going by the name of Samantha Moore, she was using my personal photos and also photos of my artwork flaming she was the artist herself. This started in November 2012 and carried on until March 2013 when Larry Graves (Canadian Studmuffin on Youtube) notified me and told me the whole story. I later found out that the girl behind Samantha Moore actually lived in the same village as me, which was slightly scary. Although it was a horrible experience, some good has come out of the bad, and I have met some lovely people, such as Larry and others, through this. 

Q: What other sites can I find you on?
A: I'm all over the internet, all my links are below
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jadejonesart
Instagram: @jadejonesart
Twitter: @JadePowellJones
I also have a few online stores, here they are too

Q: Can you draw a portrait of me? 
A: Yes, I can. However, I can't create portraits for free. Therefore, if you would like me to create a portrait especially for you I charge a commissioned rate which all depends on the size of the piece you want, how many people are in the piece and whether you want it in colour or black and white. If you are interested in a commission you can message me on Facebook or drop me and e-mail at jade.powell.jones@hotmail.co.uk

I'll continue to update this as I have more FAQs and such. 

Jade xo